How to Write your Life Story into a TV Series While Maintaining your Full-Time Career

This program helps you -- the busy woman -- to articulate your story, to write AND complete a pilot—all while maintaining your full-time career.
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About This Product:

If you enjoy telling stories and you enjoy your full-time career, you don’t have to choose between one or the other. 
  • Pressing story keeping you up all night and you don’t know where to start?
  • Have a voice that wants to be heard and don’t know how to make others hear you?
  • Have a full-time job, so you can’t find the time to write your TV pilot?
  • TV writing feels too complicated, so you have a ton of incomplete scripts or none at all?
With the right guidance, proven process, and tools, you’ll be writing that script in no time… and finishing it!
So, how can you maintain your full-time job while writing a well-written TV pilot?
That’s what this course is all about. Identifying your story. Learning how to apply an easy and efficient writing process to compliment your busy life. And completing a story in TV pilot form that you’re proud of.
You’ll learn to:
  • Identify what story (the underlining message) you really want to tell and why!
  • Adapt your story idea into a TV series!
  • Apply the 3-step writing process to compliment the schedule of your full-time career!
Aspiring screenwriters are bombarded with too many screenwriting books, podcasts, webinars, and blogs that they don’t know what to do, who to trust, or which direction to take. Overwhelm takes over and before you know it, you’re not writing at all.
Can’t you relate? We’ve all tried to take bits and pieces from so many sources in order to create something that works for us. The problem with this? It’s time-consuming. And you don’t even know if what you’re doing is going to work.
So, why not take action on a proven process taught by someone in your shoes who has done what you’re wanting to do multiple times?
This course includes:
  • 5 modules.
  • 1 video Introduction.
  • 11 video tutorials.
  • 11 tasks to complete per each part of each module.


What you need:

  • Laptop or Desktop computer.
  • Screenwriting software (There are both free and purchase-ready options that are downloadable online).
  • Pen/notepad (unless you prefer doing everything digitally).
  • Vision board materials (unless you prefer to do this digitally).

Program Details

Let your Voice be Heard Intro
Available Now
Mindset and Goals
Available Now
Self-help, Meditation & Visualization
Available Now
Available Now

Adapting your Idea into a TV Pilot
Available Now

Character Biographies
Available Now
Plot Outline
Available Now
The Treatment
Available Now

The Rough Draft
Available Now
Revision Process & Second Draft
Available Now

Preparing for Feedback
Available Now
Rewriting the Next Draft After Feedback
Available Now

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Nitara Osbourne

Nitara Osbourne is an award-winning and produced screenwriter and editor of two Amazon bestselling self-help books. She’s written nearly 40 screenplays, TV pilots, short scripts, and treatments to date.
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Nitara Osbourne is an award-winning and produced screenwriter and editor of two Amazon bestselling self-help books. She’s written nearly 40 screenplays, TV pilots, short scripts, and treatments to date. Her feature film, Running on Empty Dreams, ran its course on Netflix, and can now be purchased on Amazon and seen on Tubi. She wrote, produced, and directed the film, which had gone on to win three prestigious Telly Awards. She also served as a college adjunct professor, teaching screenwriting at Arizona State University and Scottsdale Community College.

Most recently, some of Nitara's TV pilots have placed in competitions, including her script Chosen? (Sundance Episodic Program-2021; Stage 32/HBO Black Boy Writes Black Girl Writes mentorship initiative-2022; ScreenCraft Fellowship-2022), The Runaway Writer (Stage 32 TV Drama contest-2022; Creative Screenwriting TV Pilot competition-2022), and Diplomatically Black (Stage 32/HBO Black Boy Writes Black Girl Writes mentorship initiative-2023).

Nitara has received two “recommend/considers” from executives via Stage 32—one for her feature Sleeping on Couches and the other for her TV pilot The Runaway Writer, a welcomed accomplishment for screenwriters.

Nitara runs her own business where she mentors and/or is hired by producers and clients to write screenplays, TV scripts, and to ghostwrite/edit self-help books.


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